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Product Guarantee

All the products designed, developed and manufactured by Opto Electronics (unless specified) are guaranteed against any manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of supply of our products.

The guarantee does not extend to any part of the equipment which has been subjected to misuse, neglect or accident. Further this guarantee does not extend to those products which may have been tampered altered or serviced by any other agency of non – authorized by us.[for all warranty replacement a written statement with authorized signatory indicating the reason for rejection should accompany all returned.
All your queries will get quick response from our support team. You can e-mail us at:

Ordering information



All prices quoted are Ex-our works Peenya, Bangalore. Packing Forwarding, Freight insurance and installation (if required) are charged extra.


Local Taxes has to be paid on all consignments by the purchaser as per law.
Returned Products: All defective items should be returned packed properly within 10 days from the date of dispatch.


Due to constant upgradation and innovation in products, specifications are subject to change without notice.

Repairs and Replacements:

If our products supplied to you are out of Guarantee period, Repairs, replacement can be carried out. Please contact our support team.

Validity of Quotations:

All our quotation are valid for 60 days.

Purchase Orders:

All orders can be written, Fax or e-mail, but should be followed by written confirmation.


Payment terms are 30days Nett.
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