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Opto Electronics manufacturers Solid Aluminum bread boards of various sizes to suit the customers’ requirement. The plates are machined from 12.5mm thick solid aluminum plate to achieve good flatness. All the four corners will have counter bored holes (12mm) which can fixed rigidly 5th & 6th counter bored holes at the centre is provided for enhanced stability.
Material: Aluminum, alloy
Hole Matrix: M6 threaded holes at 25mm pitch
Finish: Dull black anodized.

Product Code

Dimensions (in mm)

Product Code

Dimensions (in mm)

SAB – 322

100 X 100

SAB – 326

200 X 250

SAB – 323

100 X 120

SAB – 327

250 X 300

SAB – 324

115 X 115

SAB – 328

300 X 300

SAB – 325

200 X 200

SAB – 329

300 X 450

Note: Custom sizes of the above solid Aluminum. Bread board can be manufactured. Please get in touch with our application Engineer.
HOB-289   HOB-290(A)
The bread boards are sturdy and provide vibration free working surface.
Honeycomb core made of Aluminium or Stainless steel.
Top plate of 6mm thick Stainless steel sheet.
Bottom plate 3mm thick made of Aluminium.
The honeycomb core is sandwiched between the plates with suitable epoxy.
M6 tapped holes with 25mm or 50mm center distance.
Flatness 0.150 mm over entire area.
Available in various sizes.
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