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For Enquiries: -
Contact: Mr. Prakash
Mobile: +91 9341 932 148

For Technical Enquiries: -
Contact: Mr. Krishna Murthy
Ph: +91 80 2839 4442

Custom Design and Manufacture:

Opto Electronics has designed, developed and manufactured a range of fine positioning system. Many Products have been supplied that started as ideas and concepts requested by our customers.

With over 30 years of design experience, Opto Electronics can offer innovative solutions in opto-mechanical Positioning System.

Customized Mounts, Stages, Lab jacks, Lens holders, Optical Honey comb tables with vibration Isolation System / Rigid Supporting Stand and Breadboards. Combination stages can be designed and manufactured to suit specific requirements of the customer.
For all your customized requirements of opto mechanical products please Contact us
DPR-340   LSD-341
LHM-342   OHT-343
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